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Provedore owner, Meridith Stevens, ran a successful event management business for more than 15 years before opening Rose Street Pantry (a small provedore in Melbourne’s inner north). Her passion for real food comes from her upbringing and the realisation that much of the food we purchase has gradually been ruined by mass production, preservatives and the addition of fillers.

As a mother Meridith decided that she wanted to feed her family wholesome, fresh, real food that provided optimal nutrition and tangible health benefits. This led her on a journey to source local fresh produce that is full of flavour and to makers of small batch products that are passionate about quality and flavor. Over the last four years Meridith has developed relationships within the food industry and has become a trusted source of information for both consumers and producers.

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About the Rose Street Pantry the TV Series

We are fast eroding our agricultural culture here in Australia. There’s a real disconnect between what we eat and where it comes from. We want convenience, we want access to all foods - all year round, and we don’t want to pay a lot for the privilege.

Our supermarkets are short changing Australian farmers and we are turning a blind eye. Our food is being populated by preservatives, fillers and stabilisers. Our public figures and social media influencers are being paid by major supermarket chains and suppliers to endorse products that destabilise our agricultural sector and perpetuate the health problems that exist within our society. At a time when our primary producers are facing unprecedented climactic disasters.

Primary producers need our continued support as the industry continues to undergo significant change and while we, as a nation, face uncertain times and ever-evolving climate adversities. Produced by Thomas Carr, Russell Bridger and Meridith Stevens.